• Madam Leong (Ah-por)

    "Dedicated to her craft"

    Madam Leong aka ah poh has been selling wanton noodles for over 60 years. She is the founder, owner and operator of Nam Seng Noodles. This is a role that is both mentally and physically challenging for most. However at age 90, this is not an insurmountable task to her. Even though her family is well established and successful in their own right she proudly runs her business with the vigour and passion so rarely seen these days. She is well into her 90s this decade and her tenacity is still marching strong. At 90 years of age, Madam Leong could well be one of the oldest working hawkers. In fact, she was 78 when she was told that the lease to her previous stall would not be renewed. One would expect her to retire and enjoy the sunset of her life - not for her. Instead, she finds another location to restart her business and in effect continuing to support the livelihoods of her loyal team of staff.
    Singaporeans would be proud of her because of her Singaporean spirit. She is indeed a role model for both young and old folk to emulate.